Leonard Bernstein’s life was as complex and dynamic as his music. While he was universally celebrated for his professional achievements, in Bernstein’s personal life, several controversies marked his significant relationships, career and public image. This article delves into Bernstein’s personal relationships, his marriage, struggles with his sexuality, and the controversies... Read More
Learning the trumpet fingering system is essential for any aspiring trumpeter. Each note on the trumpet corresponds to a specific combination of valve presses, and understanding these combinations is key to producing accurate pitches and transitioning smoothly between notes. This guide provides an overview of how to read a trumpet... Read More
I’ll begin with Love. My first introduction to classical music, came from my father’s vinyl and  CDs, which he played on Sundays after Mass. The recurring albums were Verdi’s Aida; the  Giulio Cesare recording featuring Beverly Sills and Norman Treigle; The 1976 recording of  Handel’s Messiah under the baton of... Read More
Music, an intricate tapestry of sound and silence, has been humanity’s most profound source of expression and inspiration for centuries. It transcends borders, languages, and cultures, serving as a universal language that binds us all. Over the years, many maestros, composers, and musical aficionados have eloquently captured the essence of... Read More
In the vast ocean of classical compositions, Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria” stands as a lighthouse of emotion and devotion. A masterpiece composed in 1825, its poignant melody coupled with profound lyrics continues to reverberate through time. Join us as we journey through its lyrical depth and uncover the story behind... Read More
We review tonebase piano lessons: from the platform’s core offer, to its additional features, pricing, and user testimonials. Since its launch in 2017, tonebase has produced hundreds of high-quality music lessons taught by professors from top schools. At its core, the platform’s mission is to democratize access to high-quality music... Read More
In Mordents’ new interview, star pianist AyseDeniz shares her experience filming in an UNESCO World Heritage site, how she first took an interest in composing, and the story behind her Borderless Piano Project. Mordents Magazine: How do you manage to stay on top of things between a concert career, maintaining... Read More
Paganini, the greatest violinist of all time Born in 1782 in the Republic of Genoa, Nicola Paganini began playing the mandolin at the age of 5 before turning to the violin two years later. A virtuoso and precocious violinist, but also a great composer of the romantic era, he truly... Read More

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