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‘Hive Extravaganza’, Snake Skin and Rhinestones: The World of Custom-made Pianos

Let’s take a look at some – good and bad – showstopper piano designs!

Leaking piano

This unusual design of this piano, which looks like it’s about to meltdown and disappears, was created by Danish artist Nina Saunders and it is located in a shopping mall in Copenhagen.

Pianists can come and perform here (excellent exposure to a wide audience for any piano enthusiast), and if there isn’t anyone playing, it works as a self-playing piano (controlled by iPod).

Blüthner – the PH Grand Piano

This piano was designed back in 1931 by Danish designer Poul Henningsen for Blüthner pianos and looks rather modern even by today’s standards.

With a distinctive lid (that is kind of a hallmark for Blüthner), and leather that goes around the body of the piano, PH grand really exudes a sense of grandiosity and luxury. 

Blüthner – the PH Grand Piano Variations

Furthermore, you can change the PH Grand Piano if you don’t want the classic one. 

If you are into snakes (and for whatever reason would like to put snake print on your furniture) you can have a piano with python skin!

Blüthner – the PH Grand Piano Variations

Or if you love gemstones and would love to have them in your collection even if you can’t wear them, then this PH Grand Piano with Swarovski crystals is for you.

Elegance Panoramic – See-through piano

This transparent piano is for all art history lovers. 

If you are a BIG fan of Picasso, Kandinsky, or Mondrian, you will surely appreciate these. But, we prefer our paintings to stay on the walls, not inside of a piano, especially the Picasso one. All those eyes starring at you – not a particularly pleasant experience.

Pictures at an Exhibition – ART CASE PIANO by Steinway & Sons

It is the first „art case piano“ for Steinway & Sons to be inspired by a musical composition – in this case by work for solo piano: Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky. 

The piano is covered in paintings by Russian artist Viktor Hartmann, the very same which inspired Mussorgsky to write his „musical promenade through an art museum“.

Source: steinway.com

Steinway & Sons x Lenny Kravitz 

Lenny Kravitz collaborated with Steinway & Sons to create this limited edition grand piano  – Kravitz Grand.

Kravitz wanted to mix classical European style with African motives, and as a result, you have African motives on the rim, inner lid, and music desk that are hand-carved as well as the legs of this one-of-a-kind instrument.

Source: steinway.com

YAMAHA x Prince

This purple grand piano was exclusively designed for Prince and by his request, it is „incorporated with a  special tone generation system which provides a second audio source“. 

Also, this isn’t just your ordinary purple. Prince wanted to match the color of the piano to his couch, which had three different shades of purple, so Yamaha combined those three shades and ended up with the one you can see in the picture. The Pantone Color Institute later commemorated the shade of purple as a tribute to Prince and named it after his album „Love Symbol #2“.

Source: yamahaentertainmentgroup.com

Bogányi piano

The Bogányi piano, (popularly known as ‘the Batman piano’), is named after its creator Gergely Bogányi – a Hungarian pianist. 

Aside from looking like it came from space or some SF movie, the soundboard of this grand piano is made of carbon fiber (instead of wood or metal), and its legs are different than usual. Bogányi’s rationale for such design choices is that as a result, you have a richer and airier sound that transmits better to the audience.

Liberace’s Baldwin piano

This Baldwin piano was made for Liberace (with the nickname „Mr.Showmanship“) – a famous American pianist who had a penchant for rhinestones. Thus this grand piano is covered with Austrian AB lead crystals (they have a rainbow effect) – inside and out.

Considering his rather extravagant and flamboyant shows, this piano was the cherry on top. Besides international tours, „Mr. Showmanship“ had concert residencies in Las Vegas, where he would play on this piano – and when in Las Vegas, too much is just enough. 

Blüthner Crystal Edition – Hive Extravaganza

Extravaganza is exactly the word that encapsulates this design. These grand pianos were designed by the  Blüthner company to bring you „refined luxury and futuristic elegance“, and they come in many vibrant colors (and we mean it)– so let your imagination run as wild as these pianos look. 

These Hive Extravaganza pianos look like they were designed for fairies to use, and are an excellent choice for fans of over-the-top aesthetic.

Blüthner Grand Piano with Piano bar 

And now something for fairies who like to hit the bar!
Just kidding. 

This piano is very similar to the piano edition we saw previously, but with a twist – it features a bar and stools that go around it. You can play for your family and friends while they drink and enjoy your music.

It comes in a variety of shades and it’s relatively customizable. It also lights up, so it’s perfect for parties!

Source: luxurypianos.com